Im confused.. he said he loves me when he was tipsy?

so I've been seeing this guy for 3 months and he said he wanted to see me yesterday since he's depressed about something he's going through so ofcourse I said yes. We met up in the city and he showed up tipsy. He wasn't all drunk since he can walk and all but he did act quite different like he was more open and talking to random people on the street.
Then we went to the food court in a shopping centre and we ate. Then he kept looking at me and then said this:
"im gonna tell you something... i love you and i mean it"
and then we went for a walk after and he would say that again that he loves me and he means it
he also said:
"i think you're my soulmate. i feel like you're the one for me"
I know he's not drunk though so yeah I don't know im so confused... do you think he meant it? why would he say that out of nowhere?
I did ask him next day about it and he said:
"omg i said that? wow. well everything i say when i have alcohol is the truth"
Yeah he probably meant it
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Nah he probably doesn't mean it
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Im confused.. he said he loves me when he was tipsy?
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