Should I just walk away?

Hi girls and guys, this guy I have been talking to for a couple months recently saw his ex again. He is 25, and I recently heard from a mutual friend that the guy I am talking to told him that he saw his former girlfriend get into a car and he sped up behind the car she was in and was following them.

I asked the mutual friend about about him because I haven't heard from him and he tells me all this! Eventually he gave up following them.

My friend told me that she texted him and he didn't respond so she left him alone and he spotted her get into a car and did all this. I figured he didn't text her back because he was angry at her plus she was drunk. His ex doesn't know he did all that though. Before all this he told her that he still is in love with her, she hurt him really bad, she wants him back, and I think he still does want her back. I just want to make sure I am right.

Is he? And should I drop him? I'm heartbroken and it hurts. Thanks
Should I just walk away?
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