Guys! How do I approach him? In a flirty matter?

We both like each other, so of course feeling are mutual. We went in a date as well. Both the same age I'm 17 and he's 17...
He always playfully touches me during break, then he sits at a table near me and my friends, met my parents, drove me on a date, visited me after work and hugged me goodnight, snapchats me, we send funny Instagram posts to each other and we text each other every other day. (All very recent, we've been talking since march) He's also in my 4th class and I tend to smile at him and he turns really red and nervous.

So... I want to spice things up a bit. I really want to complement him on his glasses since they make him look sexy. But I want to grab his arm before I complement him... Guys would you like that approach or is that flat out odd? Also should I tell him during break or after 4th? Lol
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Guys! How do I approach him? In a flirty matter?
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