Do you have a secret lover?

How many guys on this site think that it's okay to have a girlfriend and have another girl on the side?

My sister is currently dating this boy that she has waited for years to ask for her to be his girlfriend. She is so in love with this boy that she is blind to the fact that he wants to talk to one of her good friends. How many guys think this is wrong and agree with me that this is sick? And how many think this is okay?


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  • that's called an open relationship and it's perfectly legit at young ages especially, when it can't realistically get anymore serious than sex...both genders do it and it's a emotional security blanket in the event that things do go wrong

    • But it not wrong? What about the feelings of the other person who is doing the best they can to stay faithful to the one they care for?

    • As long as you're not crossing the line with the other person as you are not obligated because you are dating, you're not married and not will make things complicated especially during the dating period, and that's a gray area where it might not be a good idea to date multiple people

    • I agree on the fact that dating multiple people is wrong. But my sisters boyfriend IS crossing the line!!! He and my sister just started dating. I mean JUST started dating! And he's already doing different chicks. Come on now.

  • Not okay. Ever.


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