Guys, do you often tell girls what they want to hear?

My friend recently started dating this guy who I honestly don't really like, he seems shady. She broke off with her boyfriend of 3 years because she didn't like that they didn't have many things in common. For example, she loves the movie "The Notebook" (typical chick flick that I dislike) and when she convinced her boyfriend to watch it together, after the movie was done he just said "meh, not really my type of movie, but fine for one-time watch." She was hurt that he didn't like it because it's her favorite move, she watched it 100 of times and cries every time when watching it. She wanted him to cry too. Whatever. Anyways, she now watched the movie with this new guy and he was all like "damn, that's a great movie, I loved it! such feels, I can totally feel and understand why you like it, we're the same". She then started crying because of movie and he hugged her and told her to stop crying because he's gonna cry too. She instantly fell in love with him, she keeps telling me how they have so much in common, how he likes everything that she likes, think the same way and what not. She is a super girly girl and almost no one likes the things that she likes, especially guys. She and I have almost nothing in common but we're still good friends, and I think that's okay. So I'm kind off skeptical when I a guy acts this way. I think it's totally fine to not like "The Notebook", I don't like her way of thinking, so what if her ex didn't like it. This new guy just doesn't seem like someone who would be into things that she is, I don't trust him.

So, how do you figure out if someone is just telling you want you want to hear? I'd personally hate if my guy would tell me that he loved my movie but actually hate it. by the way. she's super hot and pretty and they still didn't have sex. I'm afraid he's putting up an act just to get her in bed. Even if I'm wrong, I still don't like when someone says they like or dislike something too just because of the other person.
Guys, do you often tell girls what they want to hear?
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