Ex boyfriend unblocked me after two months on WhatsApp (I still care about him deeply) should I unblock him too?

We were together for 4 months and at the time it was amazing. He even introduced me to his parents but when I started to fall in love with him he panicked and ended things and said he's not looking for a wife? Since being apart we've switched between no contact and then he calls me at night crying down the phone telling me he misses me and he's hurting because of what happened between us and then back to no contact.

I also lost a parent in December 2016. After this event my behaviour took a turn for the worst and I began to become verbally abusive and almost physical when he tried to initiate sex with me on Valentines day when we met for a chat (he was dating another woman at this time and I was very drunk so flipped out but he forgave me when I was sober)

A week after I decided to tell his new woman about what has been happening over several months and how he had been contacting me the whole time... they ended things and he told me he never wanted to see or speak to me again. Up to this point, I had been drinking heavily, I was mourning my Mother and him.

"This will be forever. I hope you find the right guy for you but that isn't me. Good luck X" He blocked my number. This was March 2017.

Since then I have gone through things internally, forgiven myself and forgiven him for what had happened, started seeing a grief counsellor and I haven't touched alcohol or caffeine products since February either. I began talking to a guy I’ve known for four years who ended up taking me on a date and we are now currently dating although it's an LDR. I recently posted pictures of us at dinner on Instagram (the only app I do not have him blocked), some roses he bought me the other day and my new artwork (I am an oil painter) since I posted I’ve noticed he suddenly unblocked me on Whatsapp, added me on Snapchat but said nothing. It’s been four days.

I have not unblocked his Whatsapp from my end and I don’t think I will. Why would he do this?
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The girl he was seeing whilst we were split was the opposite to me, she parties, takes drugs and acts wild with him. I understand he dumped her shortly afterwards too.
I am a very shy, reserved homebody. He said he was drawn to me because we were opposite personalities so why would he go straight to somebody like her?
Ex boyfriend unblocked me after two months on WhatsApp (I still care about him deeply) should I unblock him too?
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