Would your boyfriend do these things if he loves you?

Hangup on you when your crying because he upset you? Breakup with you because you got upset with him over something HE did and u had to BEG and BEG him not to leave you? ALWAYS makes u feel like your wrong and that he's right? makes his job and his workout a priority over you? Whenever there's something wrong in the relationship or an issue he never wants to talk about it with u even when he knows how upset you are and wants to go to sleep because he's "so tired ". When something is bothering u about what he's doing or about the relationship he tells you he shouldn't have to council you and doesn't want to talk about it? Never EVER apologises for hurting you and NEVER tries to make up for it? You tell him things that are making u unhappy and he doesn't change them or stop doing them? You told him your really hungry and he goes in and buys himself something but not u? You need to ask him multiple times to reassure you that he loves you because you don't feel like he does? he's not afraid to put you in situations where he could loose you?
Would your boyfriend do these things if he loves you?
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