Course of action?

I am an 18 year old introvert. I dont go out, gatherings annoy me and meeting new people is very hard for me. I am finishing school this year (in 3 weeks) and there is this one beautiful girl that I like. We haven't spoken at all, maybe like 3 times and I acted like teh most awkward idiot, standing there being quiet.
I like her, but she is waaaayy above my league, she is funny, pretty, hot, likes parties and hangs out with dudes that are 100% better looking than me.
After we graduate school there is a chance we will meet, she is going for a cource in the same uni im going to.
She doesn't probably even know I exist. Our conversations are me getting courage to say hi while smiling and as soon as she says hi, Ibinstantly go into caveman face and ask about school stuff.
Any ideas on how to man the hell up? Or should I wait for uni and try something there?
Course of action?
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