Should I give the guy who ghosted me another chance?

So this time last year, I went on a few dates with a guy and slept with him a couple of times. This guy would go a couple of weeks without texting in between those dates and when I expressed to him that I'm not interested in a friends with benefits situation, he told me he was simply too busy for anything serious, being in the Navy and all ( I also assumed it was because I went on a couple dates with his best friend who REALLY liked me a year prior and wanted a relationship with me, but I wasn't interested in him on that level). I was upset because we I wished he'd been clear ( I wouldn't have slept with him)... I unfriended him on social media and told him off. 6 months later, he added me back on social media, so I decided to follow him too. Since then he'll message me in response to things I'd post but nothing too serious. Last Saturday (now a year since the fling), we had a date that went really well. This time, he told me how good of a time he had and he's been conversing with me everyday since then. A lot is different about me now, though. I'm not as emotionally available/needy as I was so I can pretty much take it or leave it. I'm just curious about what his intentions may be.
Should I give the guy who ghosted me another chance?
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