Odd relationship behavior?

So, this post is for a close friend. She is dating a really kind, caring, and genuine man but there are some points of concern I have noticed in her relationship. She might not be as to them because she is looking at him and the relationship through rose colored glasses.
Below is what I have observed (they have been dating for about 10 months):

Her boyfriend and my friend rarely talk not he phone and only text bc her boyfriend says he feels awkward on the phone

They only see each other about once a week

He hardly drives up to see her in her town or at her place

From the outsiders perspective my friend's boyfriend does not prioritize their relationship. Friends, family , sports come before her. Once he told her he was busy all weekend and then just fit her for a Sunday night dinner which to me is ridiculous after dating for 10 months. The couple should be see ing each other for most or the whole weekend.

When she visits him at his place he does not offer for her to spend the night even when she says she blatantly hints at it.
She buys him little things that remind her of him such as his favorite candy, Suduko puzzle which he likes to do in his leisure time etc. He has not done anything like that for her during there months together

He does include her in parts of his life such as introducing her to family and friend, text her every night, but the other stuff is ridiculous and should not be tolerated. My friend will not listen to me so I hope the input from others will help her see whats normal for dating 10 months. I am just a concerned friend and want one of my bestie to be happy and see that she can do better.
Odd relationship behavior?
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