Ex and I have been talking for 2 weeks (:?

It's been going really really good, she's always reminiscing of old times.. started to slowly call me boo again, all the little things...

but the one thing that has been bothering me is that she has yet to add me on any social media and I understand that that's another big step due to everyone knowing about our breakup and especially her best friend that hates me finding out that we're talking again. So I understand she's putting the whole adding thing on hold to see if I really changed before that next big step. (I really broke and hurt this girl bad)

But the big thing bugging me is no phone calling just yet? I understand the whole social media thing.. but why no phone calling? It's not like I'm all over her page or whatever snooping around, why is she so scared for a phone call?

Ex and I have been talking for 2 weeks (:?
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