When a guy does this.. what does it mean?

Long story short: I like this guy in grade 12 (I'm in grade 11). He knows that I like him. We dont talk.
Last year, he and his friends made fun of me saying his name in the halls when they see me, sending me pictures of him. He also sent me a message saying that he just wasn't ready to be in a relationship.. not wanting me to take it personally. Lately I've been realizing that he is acting differently towards me. For instance:
1. I have a class in the same room as his class before me. He always leaves a little later..(always leaves when I come up.) My friends say he looks at my table before leaving. Sometimes when Im late.. I see him standing at the door and when he sees me.. he just kind of leaves.
2. My friends say he glances at me when he walks by.
3. Now a days he sits beside me in the library during lunch (or close to me) and he used to be like giggling and goofing around with his friends but now he's quiet.
4. He walks close to me.
(I DONT GET THIS ONE) i was sitting beside him once, and he had his earphones on.. and then I left to go home.. and apparently my friends said that right when i left... he took them off.
5. I see him glancing at me a couple of times..

I just dont get it... before he used to act like he didn't care and goofed off a lot.. but now he seems more serious and... weird...
When a guy does this.. what does it mean?
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