How to know if a shy guy likes you?

So i've had a crush on this guy for about a month and i need to know if he "likes" me back...

whenever we see each other in the hallways we'll either make eye contact and he'll look down at his phone/book or i'll look at him and he sees me looking at him but won't look back. like just yesterday we saw each other and he immediately looked straight out the window (behind him). Then when i catch him looking at me, he'll look right away. Its so confusing... also i have been noticing he hangs around tables near me and always plays spike ball. Another thing is when i walk away from the tables with my friends and once im far enough away ill see him looking in that direction. Is he shy and doesn't want to say anything or am i just imagining that he likes me in my head? I hope this made sense!!! Thank you and please let me know what you guys think...
How to know if a shy guy likes you?
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