Falling for an underage guy 😰?

I'm 19, on my 2nd year in uni. He's my freshman and 17. He's very popular and sociable and attends to 18+ parties so I thought he was already of age but turns out he's not lol. We nearly had sex at one occasion but I was worried about the fact that he's still a minor and I'd be technically fucking a child. Didn't tell him that obviously but I couldn't resist and we made out other 3 or 4 times after that.

As much as I know he's not a 10 year old and the gap isn't huge I can't help but kind of be freaked out by his moments of childishness (which we all get), like when he wouldn't talk to me after almost having sex out of embarrassment, and think I'm doing something horrible

And all that being said I'm still falling for him. What to do?
Falling for an underage guy 😰?
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