Obsessed girlfriend?

boys...what can you say if your girlfriend wants you to spend almost all of you time with her..? when she gets angry when you won't text her or contact her in any way...? when she wants you to stop in something you normally do that she doesn't like...?

can you call it obsessive? what would you do?

maybe...I'm just a loser kind of girlfriend...!


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  • Depends on the guy, some will like it some won't.

  • i don't know I think I call her too much an she doesn't try to contact me much at all its always me an I feel like she doesn't have a interest in talking :( an if I call her an she doesn't talk I would be the one opening new subjects an most of the time I only either speak my mind an p*ss her off cux off my opinion on random things maybe I'm just feeling bad today I don't know but I do think I try to hard is that bad?

    • I think, it really depends...i like communicating a lot with my boyfriend...but he's the one who doesn't seem to like it...and ignores me a lot...!

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