Hmm.. I don't even know him, why do I like him?

Okay to start with, I'm 17 years old.. I know not very old, not very experienced. Agreed.. :) Anyway I started dating when I was 13 and when I was 15 I got into a bad relationship, drugs, drink etc.. He was a good person with a lot of problems or so I thought.. I found out he cheated on me after a year and a half so, being honest I'm pretty p*ssed and a little scarred.. Well anyway, since then I've been meeting (shifting, french kissing) about 12 people, on and off.. It's been about 4 months and out of all the people, even though some were friends, some were girls, some were tall, short, strangers etc.. There's only one that I liked/like. He's 21. Oh christ, he's perfect for me.. In every way I can think, no drink, drugs, no cigarettes. He's educated, tall, dark, handsome, funny etc.. We've only met a few times but, there really is something there .. I don't know if it's rebound cause I haven't got it with any of the lads I've met before him :| and I don't know if he asks me to start dating what I'm going to say, cause he knows my situation. I don't know how I'll react so soon after a long relationship. For the record, I broke up with him to be free cause I was really tied down, couldn't drink with girlfriends or anything and I'm pretty quiet like... I don't know, I'm just curious to see what people would do in my situation and if anyone has been in it before and what happened? and also, if any lads have opinions on how they'd feel in his position and is there anything I can do to make things less confusing? :) Thank you.

Any help no?


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  • maybe because he's not like the other guys and you like him...maybe because he is perfect without flaws in contract to you and you can corrupt him...maybe he's got more going on in his life and it might settle the storms in yours


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