We broke up, but he's texting me again... REALLY CONFUSING?

Me and my boyfriend of 9 months just broke up about a week and a half ago.

This was pretty much why we broke up:

We dated during the school year when we lived in the same dorm building.

But now he's transferring to another school in the fall. We planned to spend the summer together and travel together a little bit before he left.

Its summer time now, and when we're not at school, we live about an hour and a half away.

We saw each other about 3 times in 3 weeks, and we skyped a few times, but didn't really talk on the phone. But we did do a lot of texting everyday.

All of a sudden he stops answering my texts, and when I finally call, he says he doesn't see the point of us being together.

Okay now, I'm not an idiot. I knew that the point of us being together this summer was to spend as much time as we could together (because we love each other), so obviously when he said he didn't see the point... I took this to mean that he didn't love me anymore, and didn't want to spend time with me. So I said it'd be better if we spent the summer apart... and he acted like he couldn't care less

But I'm not some pathetic girl who's gonna cry about it all summer...obviously it hurts that he doesn't care... but I mean if he doesn't love me and wanna spend time together... f*** him right? and find someone else

We haven't talked since the split (like a week and a half ago). But all of a sudden he starts texting me last night saying how much he misses me and recalling all these nice memories of us and stuff.. but it was really late... so I didn't text back

I guess what I'm wondering is: should I text him back? Does this show that he still cares about me? or is he just trying to get a booty call?

... what should I do?


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  • I completely agree with vmw2008 here mainly becuz I have been here personally and I used to be a guy similar to this as much as that sucks to admit. He is completely concerned with himself right now and could not really care any less for what you want in this. What you should do is focus on what you want (him or not) but for the right reasons not because you miss it and its comfortable. If you do really want him then talk to him but let him know he hurt you bad and if he was so quick to toss everything away he is missing now then what means he won't do it again in the future. If you think he will do this again (I'm guessing he will) or you just plain do not want him or miss him, then say screw it and move on. You can do way better than these childish mind games anyway.


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  • Move on he wants a booty call... leave him!


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  • It could be any of those things, but more likely than not he just wants the attention. He ended things with you immaturely by ignoring you and then just dropping it without caring that much. Guys like that are selfish. So him texting you now is probably selfish as well. He's lonely now and wants some attention. This is very evident as he texted you late which is usually prime loneliness/booty call time. In my opinion? Don't even answer it. If he's really trying to get you back he'll try again and at a decent hour. He'll also offer to take you out and talk about it. He knows he was a jerk in the way he dumped you, so a guy really looking to get you back will bite the bullet and go the extra mile to fix it. A late night text shows no effort at all.

  • Oh man, he either misses you and wants you back

    Or wants the attention. tread carefully.

    Maybe you could spend time but if he wants to see you he can arrange it and chase you.

    and don't give him any til he has proved himself.

  • He might actually miss you to where he wants you back.

    I think you should talk to him.