He ignores my texts but wants to hook up whenever I see him, why!?

okay, so I used to be pretty good friends with this guy and we used to text all day and all night. We started talking kind of dirty one day and then we ended up hooking up a month later, still talking everyday. Then one day he didn't text me, so I texted him, and he didn't respond! so I texted him the next day and still no response! I saw him and then he tried hooking up with me again, but I didn't, even though before we said we would kinda hook up when ever we saw each other but still I didn't because I was mad he didn't text me. He texted me later that day but it was boring conversation. So I texted him a few days later and no response, but I saw him texting people when he was with me so I know he got my texts! whenever I see him he still tries to hook up, but why doesn't he text/IM/talk to me besides when I see him! and our whole thing is secret because we don't want people knowing. What do I do I really like him :[ but I don't think he really likes me even though I feel like he does idk! help


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  • The same situation happened to a friend of mine and this boy she really liked after they hooked up he ignored her phone calls and texts but always tried to get her to hook up with him again whenever he saw her in person. I'm going to tell you the same thing I told her:

    Cut him loose he seems to me like a player only intereted in makin you his booty call not his girlfriend. You deserve a man that really values everthing about you instead of taking advantage at the fact that you like him. He may also be seeing someone else on the down low. and sorry hun I don't really think he likes you, beacause a man that truly likes you will always makes the effort.

    I really do hope that helped just remeber not to chase him because some people you chase aren't worth getting caught

    • Thanks :/ I know he likes me just not enough maybe. like he's never flat out said it but neither have i. but one of his close friends that's a girl said that she thinks he likes me by the way he looks at me and talks about me. He has a lot of emotional problems but I've liked him for a few years! so I don't know how to get over him, what did your friend to to get over him. thanks for your help :/

    • But I think you're right, he's taking advantage of the fact I like him, and that I only want to hook up with him, and he can do what ever he wants! :[

    • Yea =( but my friend is not fully over him yet cause like you she has liked him for a very long time but she finally realised that the so called realationship between them was not healthy nor the one that she wanted and she knew deep down it was never going to change. we just made her realise she deserves better =). She is getting over him by gradually pulling back, keeping her distance from him and not texting or calling him as much. its a day by day thing but she is getting there =)

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