Would it be bad to kiss him?

I've been dating this one guy for about eight months, and I love being around him. We have a lot of fun together, but a lot of people think of us as having a...weird relationship. Not once have we kissed, not even on the cheek. He cringes and looks away whenever there's a kissing scene in a movie that we watch together, and he thinks it's gross when people kiss in public (which is understandable). Would it be bad to just kiss him anyway? I don't want to ruin our relationship by making him uncomfortable... If he likes me, why won't he just kiss me?


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  • I'm in a similar boat. I've been dating my boyfriend for about five or six months, and we haven't kissed either. I'm perfectly fine with it though since relationships are more than just physical feelings and attachments. He might just have a lot of respect for you so he doesn't think kissing is necessary in a relationship. But go for it and kiss him, or just be frank about it.

  • Are you certain he views your relationship with him as a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship? Are you absolutely certain? And are you 100% certain he isn't actually homosexual? I have nothing against homosexuals in any way, but I do find little alarm bells ringing when I read the following:

    1) 18-24 years of age

    2) relationship of 8 months

    3) no kissing/find it gross when people kiss in movies or people kissing in public

    Before you lean in for that smooch I'd ask him about it first. Ask him if it's okay to kiss him. Ask him if there is a reason he hasn't kissed you up until now.

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