Should I tell him about my feelings?

I've had feelings for my best guy friend pretty much ever since I met him. We do sext and flirt with each other, so I know there's at least physical chemistry / attraction between us. As well, he comes to me with a lot of his life problems, and I to him for a lot of mine. We can sometimes spend hours talking on the phone and we have late night conversations regularly. We hangout a lot, such as going for walks, hikes, to concerts, for food & coffee (and he always pays / drives for both of us), we cook / bake together, he's stayed over at my place before, and he's even met my parents. However, he has mentioned that he didn't think he was capable of being in a relationship due to multiple other stresses in his life, which I totally understand. As time goes on, though, I feel like we keep getting closer and closer and I'm wondering if this may have changed (or might change in the future) and if we may be able to date at some point. I've been thinking about telling him I'd be interested in a relationship with him, but I'm scared it might ruin what we already have or freak him out. How should I address this situation?
Should I tell him about my feelings?
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