Should I feel upset? what should I even do?

The guy and I have been dating, and before this 5 day school trip we didn't talk in school much (mostly just texting and going out alone) because we had different friend groups and we only had one class together. he's said that he wanted to talk more in school

But then on the school trip he continued to pretend he doesn't know me and would talk to other girls right in front of me. He would come up to me and my best friend and say hey to her and ask what we were doing, but he would never ask me. He had so many opportunities to talk to me but he never would. I felt really shit after this, sad and confused as to why.

after the trip i had to literally text him and ask why he didn't talk to me on the trip for him and tell him I was sad because of it for him to realize i was sad. He keeps apologizing and saying he'll make it up to me but I don't know what I'm supposed to feel anymore.

What should I do? Should I tell him it's okay? He's apologized a lot already
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he said that we should eat lunch together to make up for it. should I do it?
Should I feel upset? what should I even do?
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