We're "taking a break" but I really want to hang out with him. should I call?

My boy decided that we needed to take a break. not because of anything I did or any serious problems with the relationship. we're madly in love. but he's having some personal issues and really I think the whole thing is a little over the top. but basically it's just because commitment is scaring him and his head is really jumbled and he needs to get stuff sorted out.


ever since he broke up with me(it's been two weeks) I've made no effort to contact him. Because he needs space and also that's the way to draw them back into you. just leave them alone. and since the break up he has called me everyday except. twice. and we've hung out once. and the one time we hung out I went over to his house to watch a movie and NOTHING was different. he greeted me with a kiss and a complement. we cuddled all night. he told me he loved me.

Anyway. Sorry for the large explanation. The point of all of this is I'm really bored. and want to hang out with him. and I miss him so much. but I've made such an effort to not contact him. I want him to miss me because the more he misses me(and he will) the faster all this we clear up.

I'm sure he'll call me today. but I don't want to wait around.

should I give up and just call him? or will that make me weak. I don't want to come off as I needy for him. But I do love him. and he is my best friend in the world. and I his.

and if I call and he turns me down to hang out. which he very well may do it will really depress me.


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  • don't call. let him call you.

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