Should I kept dating this girl?

I'm a late bloomer so I've never officially dated many people. I met a girl on eharmony. I think this girl is cute and we went out on three dates. She's kind of an introvert. The first date was okay, the second was really good cause she was getting all touchy and the third was a little distant. We don't really have any chemistry but at the same time I kind of don't know what I want and really bad at flirting. I know I want a long term relationship with a nice yet funny girl but this girl is kind of bland. The thing is that I'm an introvert shy guy too so that's why I think I should keep seeing her. I felt the third date went really bad because there were a lot of moments of silence. I know I made some mistakes such as not suggesting to pay for everything but I always tried to be a gentleman. We made plans for her friend's wedding but after having a text session with her 3 days prior she never texted back to a small joke I made. So I decided to wait based on some of my friends advice. The day before the wedding I had to know what was going on so I called her. She didn't respond to my phone call and my message I left on her phone. Now it's a year later and i haven't gone out on any dates but I learned a lot from those dates and from helpful dating guides. Two weeks ago she tried to add me to facebook and sent me a message asking how I'm doing.

What do you guys think I should do?
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Should I kept dating this girl?
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