Messed up situation?

I kinda Need some Serious adult Advice about my situation

So me and 2 of my Best Friends ( we Kinda Grew up together ) started to hang out again a few weeks back
( i used to live in another city for college and stuff and i moved back )
The Last time we hung out their girlfriends decided oh you shouldn't be alone we know this nice girl and we're gonna introduce you to her and they just picked the phone and called her I mean wtf? .
My friends they know i am not comfortable being in a relationship with anyone, i love the way i live and i don't feel alone at all.
anyways out of respect i didn't decline the offer ( and i saw a picture of her too she is great by the way )
So since now i'm in this situation i have no idea what the heck should i do when the time comes
should i go through with it or not
and if i do how the hell am i supposed to do so?

its happening in 5 days

P. S.
i know my English is not Great so please Bare with me
Messed up situation?
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