Is this breaking girl code?

So my mum had a work party a year ago and I came with her, met this really sweet guy that she works with.
He was very flirty and tried kissing me on multiple occasions. But I was too shy to tell anyone that I liked him.
6 months later, my friend tells me that she likes a particular guy-type and to not make it obvious that I like him, I suggested that she go out with this guy from the party.
I suggested to my mum and she told him. He then comes over to my house for a coffee and the entire time he is teasing me and he doesn't ask a single question about my friend.

After a week of texting, he offers to take her out for a drink, it's killing me inside because I secretly like this guy but my friend has practically fallen in love with him!
So they go for their date and she calls me to tell me all about it. I'm struggling to listen but I encourage her to ask him out again.

After that date, he messaged her once and they didn't meet again, he told me that she's too vain for him, but now he's messaging me constantly, flirting and I feel like I'm being a bad friend because I want to date him so badly! Does that make me a bitch? My friend resents him 100% and she's always giving him a bad name. But I can understand why he was put off...
If this guy was to ask for more than just a friendship then I wouldn't hesitate but I know how much my friend liked him, I made it seem like I wasn't interested in him but I think she's noticing.

On the night of that party he said to me "I'd really treat you" but at the time I thought nothing of it. There was a girl who was trying to get his attention that night but he wouldn't stop dancing with me, he's not lacking offers from the girls but he pays no attention.
My friend has even kept their messages from months ago and her expression always changes when I mention his name... What should I do?
Is this breaking girl code?
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