Im assuming he inst into me, even though he asks me out?

So i met this guy on a dating app about 1 1/2 - 2 months ago or so and so far we have been on 4 dates, and we planned to hang out again very soon.

The thing is, i literally have no idea what he feels about me or what he wants out of whatever we are doing. Reason im not sure is the fact that we rarely communicate between meeting, and its because he isn't very talkative.

Just to use an example, if i send him a message 10 times during a week, he'll maybe answer 4 of them where he is somewhat keeping the conversation going, and maybe 1-2 where we actually have some sort of conversation, and the rest he bascially ignores/doesnt reply to.

Sine he has always been like this i assume its just how he is, and i haven't taken it too personal, even though it makes me question his motives.

On one hand he doesn't seem to be too interested in talking to me, but on the other hand he asks me out, and the ony reason we planned a fifth date was because i send him a video of something i wanted to try and he replied "oh, im so in", basically inviting himself in a way

I have bascially just assumed he inst very into me, so im not taking what we are too seriously. Am i wrong for feeling like if this was going anywhere he would be more attentive and be a bit more forward?
Im assuming he inst into me, even though he asks me out?
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