37 yr old guy- 19yr old girl? Weird or not?

Basically, he was my colleague/close friend but our relationship was very flirty and 'couple-like'. We acted like boyfriend/girlfriend. He even told me he loved me at one point and that he was going to leave his family to be with me. He loved the fact that I was so young- that I was a teenager, it was a bit of a turn on for him. He said he has the mentality of an '18 year old guy'. Before you all start calling him a 'pervert' and what not just know that he treated me with respect and never forced me into anything. We never had sex and I think it's because he cared about me too much to put me in that situation. He fell for me, he was heartbroken when I left the job and even gave me gifts and begged for my number before I left. I'm just wondering if this attraction to a girl my age (19) is strange or normal for a 37 yr old man.
(I will be 20 at the end of this year). Also is it weird that I'm also in love with him and his age doesn't even bother me because we connect so well? Opinions appreciated!
37 yr old guy- 19yr old girl? Weird or not?
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