I like my coworker but I don't know if he does anymore?

so i started working at this place (my friend works there too) and this guy saw me and i gues he had a crush on me since he started asking people about me. he then asked my friend to get us to talk, but i said no for plenty of reasons : that started before i even knew who he was, and when i did i thought he was cute but he seemed a little immature to me at first, also almost the whole workplace heard about it somehow so i felt too awkward talking to him. then a little while after, he ended up training me (hes like a supervisor), and thats when i thought he was actually really nice, he also takes his job seriously, plus i found him funny. he never spoke to me about... his attraction, he would actually avoid me if i dont ask for help or something, i have a feeling he probably thinks i dont think of him thaat way. so my dillemma is, i want to make a move but i dont know if he's still interested (its only been a month since i started), i mean whenever my friend asks him about me he doesn't say " oh nvm im over it" he jst says "oh i didn't talk to her yet she just asks me questions". but he alwaysss avoids talking to me and only looks at me when he thinks im not looking. i asked my friend to basically hint at him that im interested.

do you guys think its a good idea? what do you guys think i should do? im too shy to talk to him about it and plus now that im done training i dont see him often anymore.
I like my coworker but I don't know if he does anymore?
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