Hey girls. what's your opinion?

So say a guy is hanging or walks by you and smiles or waves. he's good looking. dresses well. is looking at a girl for a few seconds wrong or what do you do if you wanna talk to them? I feel like I'm still a little shy but I just moved here. like 7 years ago but still. I wanna talk to some girls and get some friends. I alwayaa wanna know what girls think when a guy they don't know looks at them and smiles. But see, they don't come over to me. are most girls also a little shy? I was a big hit in my home town. But I was also skinny and under weight. I go to the gym and again you look at my profile pic and let me know what you would do. I'm just confused why they don't come to me. it's also still not summer. I feel like more girls will start to hit on me around that time.
Hey girls. what's your opinion?
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