Do I have any reason to be upset right now or am I overreacting?

Long story short, my boyfriend of three years admitted he used to like his cousin. He and I have talked about who our crushes were before each other plenty of times, and he never once brought her up until I asked him directly. He says he did when he was 11 or 12 (we're 18 now) but then he realized how weird that was and learned that you're not supposed to like your cousin like that. He said he doesn't anymore and it's nothing to worry about. But who knows.

But if it was nothing, why wouldn't he tell me?

I'm not worried she feels the same at all. It just weirds me out a bit. I shouldn't feel threatened by his FAMILY members, but I do. She is everything I'm not and I have always felt like maybe he did kinda like her. I am literally a high fashion model and have the body type of a Victoria's Secret model, but she is curvy (like double D's). I feel insecure and am kind of upset. Am I overreacting?
Yes, you're overreacting. It's probably nothing to worry about.
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Umm, no that's weird.
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I'd be worried/upset too if my s/o liked their cousin!
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And of course when he told me that I was PMSing which doesn't help me process it well at all. Lol
Do I have any reason to be upset right now or am I overreacting?
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