(20, F) Never had a relationship/dated/had sex and wanting help. Afraid of being "forever alone"?

I just turned twenty and for the past half year, I've been quite worried about the fact that I've pretty much never done anything before. I know that its not uncommon to hear stories like this but still, I'd like some advice on my situation besides the same old "you'll find someone one day" which I'm sick of hearing.

I'm currently in my final year of university and I feel like this is perhaps the last chance that I have to meet someone around my own age but so far, it has been of no avail. I'm not "unattractive" by societal standards and most people tend to think I'm more experienced than I actually am. I grew up in quite a "traditional" household and was quite sheltered up until I turned 18 and didn't really talk to boys since I went to a girls' school. Surprisingly, some people had that I've "done it all" already and nobody really thinks of me as innocent or inexperienced though they don't really know me very well and I do get hit on in the streets from time to time. I don't really drink/party and the few times I did go were the few times where I have kissed guys- otherwise I never have.

I'd consider myself a relatively quiet person without a lot of friends. I don't connect with people easily and don't make friends easily either. I commute to uni, which is the norm here and part of the reason why I don't have too much of a social life perhaps. I have joined clubs but its actually pretty hard to really get a connection with someone from just a few club activities alone- at least for me. A few of my friends use tinder, which I tried but it seems like pretty much everyone there just wants to hook up, which I contemplated but I'm too inexperienced and I've never had sex.

Sometimes I meet someone that I'm mildly interested in but I have no idea how to initiate anything beyond the platonic level. At times, I just want to hook up and get everything over and done with but I'm scared that I might turn people off with my inexperience. I feel like time is running out...
(20, F) Never had a relationship/dated/had sex and wanting help. Afraid of being "forever alone"?
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