What the heck should I do?

A little bit about me: I'm 19, male, and I've never dated and am still a virgin, etc. I've dealt with self-esteem issues and depression/anxiety for a long time. I've just gotten over hating myself and am starting to love myself.

The issue is that it's getting harder and harder to not fall back into that position I was in the more I keep getting shot down by women. I was DMing a girl on Instagram who I met at college and threw out an open invitation to a get-together I was having. I never heard back. The same goes for this girl I met a music festival. My father told me to let her message me and she never has.

There are two attractive girls in one of my classes, but one I'm scared that they'll turn me down and two I have no idea how to approach them. I would appreciate help with trying to keep my head up and proceed with these two women.
What the heck should I do?
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