Guys please give me some advice?

Yesterday I reached out to this guy after 3 weeks of no contact with each other. I was playing hard to get and he finally stopped so I figured okay I need to reach out.

To my surprise he responded and said this "I've been just quiet because I thought you didn't want to hear from me"

I then used this as an opportunity to express why I was being that way "I felt so led on, and couldn't get passed how things ended but I appreciated you reaching out."

Then he responded "so should I still back off or we keep talking"

Did he just ignore my feelings and basically is saying "yeah I know so, are we still gonna talk or not?"

When I said "I'm cool with either or" he said "ok cool, so how's the new job"... and then we kept talking..

What are your thoughts.. is there no interest, he's playing hard to get that I reached out?
Guys please give me some advice?
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