Dating older people?

what the f**k is so wrong with dating someone older than you. why would/do other people even care, its not their business in the first place. if the people involved are OK with it, why the hell should an age gap matter!?


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  • It's Society trying to enforce a stigma. As long as the younger of the two is a man or a woman - by that I mean is mature enough to deal with the relationship , not a girl or boy - then you're right when you say it's nobody else's business.

    I admit I don't think a 30 year-old dating an 18 year-old is a good idea because the 18 year-old is little more than an adolescent and doesn't have the experience or maturity to deal with a full-blown relationship yet. The younger will be susceptible to controlling behaviour by the elder.

    However, putting limits on an age gap (like the old chestnut half the age + 7) is ludicrous. We are all individuals and cannot be tied down to a formula.

    Some people would be horrified at my relationship - on two counts actually. I am 24 years older than my girlfriend (we have lived together for two and a half years) and she is black (whilst I am white). However she is nearly 29 and a woman - not a girl - with the maturity that age brings.

    Unless there is a danger of paedophilia, or the younger of the pair is simply not mature enough to deal with a serious relationship, then Society should leave them be


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  • usually its not. its more viewed as bad because there are a lot of not so good people out there. honestly I'm fine with people dating older/younger people. but there is definately a line. a few years gap is fine. however we had an incident at my high school where a sophmore/junior girl left school and was caught having sex with a neighbor in his 30's. in that case its just wrong, and its cases like that which give the age gap a bad name

  • I honestly think relationships with age gaps are a lot smoother and more enjoyable(apart from what people think about it). It really just depends on the person and that's y people shouldnt bother in others personel life.


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