He's 37- I'm 19!!! Is this weird?

He was my colleague/close friend but our relationship was very flirty and 'couple-like'. We acted like boyfriend/girlfriend, we used to bicker and both get jealous. He even told me that he was going to leave his family to run away to a different country & start a new life with 'a 19 year old'. He loved the fact that I was so young. He said he has the mentality of an '18 year old guy'!!! I was 18 and he was 36 when we met. He used to joke that I was old enough to be his father. He did say odd things like he wanted some 'fresh cherry' and 'young breasts' and seemed fascinated by teens- this was just at the beginning , once he got to know me this talk stopped and he began to respect me!
He used to find subtle ways to touch me as well, like rubbing my arms or touching my back/shoulder when we would talk. He even used to sometimes hold my hand while we would be sitting side by side talking. He tried everything to convince me that cheating was okay and was so annoyed when I told him I didn't agree with it, he said 'I need to try and change your way of thinking'. He asked me on dates and I turned him down every time. He told me he cared about me as well. Before I left he said he was losing sleep and crying over the fact that I was leaving- he said he was heartbroken. On the second last day, he said '(My Name) I Love You' and 'You have to give me your number'. I knew by him that he was sincere. He was genuinely devastated that I was leaving.
I can't lie I did fall in love with him. I'm crazy about this man and have never felt this way about another guy in my whole life. He has a partner & two kids but he says that there's no love there and would leave if someone pursued him- that they're only together for the kids! (I informed him that I knew that was an old line cheaters use- he said it was completely true in his case). Please don't judge me (or this man) I love him and I know by him that he has feelings for me too. Just want opinions on this situation please?
He's 37- I'm 19!!! Is this weird?
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