Difficult situation!! I think I'm 'stealing' him from someone?

Okay so long story short this guy I didn't know added me on facebook, I thought he was cute we started to chat, he was single so we ended up getting involved with each other.

Turns out he is in fact single but it's a really complicated situation. His girlfriend went on an exchange to the other side of the world so they broke it off to avoid being in a ldr and suffering, but they still have really strong feelings for each other. They were probably gonna get back together when she comes back. Until I came along...

I know I'm technically not doing anything wrong but I can't help but think I'm hurting another woman and I'm putting myself on her shoes. I do like the guy though and it's been a while since I last connected to someone like that so I don't know what to do.
Difficult situation!! I think I'm 'stealing' him from someone?
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