I messed things up with a guy I really like, what should I do now?

So I have PTSD, but haven't told a guy I've been dating for a few weeks about it yet. Then on Friday night I started to get anxious/paranoid and said some things to him that probably sounded a little clingy, but not too bad, and he replied and said not to worry and he wasn't going anywhere etc. but I could feel a panic attack coming on so I went to bed. Then early Saturday morning I woke up having a fullblown panic attack and texted him a bunch of really crazy sounding shit, even called him a few times, and he didn't pick up or reply so I kept going until my panic attack subsided. I (understandably) haven't heard from him or said anything to him since then and it's now Sunday evening. I've been going to therapy for PTSD for several months now and have medication I take to shorten them, and unless I'm about to have a panic attack or actively having one, I'm completely and totally normal.

I don't know if I should reach out to him and try to explain what happened, try to break the ice by saying something light hearted, keep giving him space like I've been doing, or just give up.

On a less important note, I left my brand new swimsuit at his house and even if I never talk to him again, I want my swimsuit back, so if I never hear back from him, is it ok if a friend of mine stops by his house and asks for my swimsuit back?
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So I sent him a text last night explaining it as briefly as I could while still getting my point across. Now just waiting to see what happens. If I don't hear back in like another day or so, my friend agreed to get my swimsuit from him while I wait in the car.
I messed things up with a guy I really like, what should I do now?
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