Does he actually want to talk to me or is he just being nice?

My ex (who I am still not over) called me the other day after a long period of not talking. We chatted for about ten minutes then he had to go, but he said he was happy to hear from me and that he wanted to FaceTime soon to talk more. This suggestion was entirely his and was not brought on by me at all. I was happy just to be on the phone with him and didn't expect him to want more.

I was really happy obviously but waited a few days and heard nothing from him about setting up a FaceTime. So I finally just asked him if he still wanted to and he said yes and asked when I was free. I answered, giving him times that I'd be free (we're working with a big time difference which is why the scheduling is necessary). Then he never answered! I waited an entire day (24hrs) and didn't hear back. I was annoyed so I just texted him again after two days and asked if he was still there, to which he apologized and literally said "I don't know why I didn't answer this but thanks for reminding me!" Then agreed to one of the times. He is a notoriously bad texter so maybe he did just forget but it just seemed weird to me.

Do I still FaceTime him? I'm afraid he doesn't actually want to. But then why would he have suggested it in the first place?
Does he actually want to talk to me or is he just being nice?
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