What do you think about superficial love?

Almost all of my friends date for looks, money, or the person's popularity (for example: If that guy is hot on social media and almost all of the girls want him, she'd date him immediately without second thought) None of them ever have anything real with the person that they're with.

My friend could be super crazy about some crazily hot and sweet guy during the first two months, then afterward she just dissapointed because he stopped his nice gestures and sweet talk (because superficial things never last)

My guy friend used to date a girl and just like i'd mentioned... it's all superficial. He'd buy her shoes, clothes, lipsticks, pay on every date, and give her every superficial thing that she asked for. They kept on going like that because everyone told them that they were the nicest couple at school. But then they broke up because he said that he was too tired of that "witch". Afterwards he hung around with some other girls and fell for one, but then he found out that she had no feelings for him since the beginning and only date him because of his popularity.

If one of them really has feelings for the other person that they're with... it'd be counted as unreciprocated love because most of them just date for fun, they just date the other person to have something to showoff.

Sometimes i just feel odd for having actual feelings for somebody because i know that most of them would choose superficial love anyway.

What do you think about this?

What do you think about superficial love?
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