Will I ever find a girl that I will like?

I am 25 years old and never had a girlfriend.
Since many years i am in the dating scene and met lots of woman whom i went out for dates, but no matter how many different kind of woman i get to know their is no emotions for them. I tried dating woman different races, intelligences, beauty or less beautiful and personality types but none of them interested me and didn't went past max. 3 dates.

There was ONLY 1 GIRL in my ENTIRE LIFE whom i liked derp from my heart. She was in my class when i was 18 and we got along really great and i enjoyed every single time i saw her. The sad thing is: she rejected me and sees me as just a friend. It was painful but i moved on and try to find my love.

Now i want to know what to do

I am not aromantic
I am not gay or another sexual orientations which might be the reason, i am hetero
I have my standarts but i wasn't superficial and too picky, i gave everyone a chance to get them know better

And also because i don't kiss or have any kind of sexual contact outside a commited relationship i am still a virgin and completly inexperiend which doesn't bother me but just wanted to say it because most friends in real life thought i would be very experienced because of all the woman i met.
Will I ever find a girl that I will like?
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