Do I sound like a bad person?

Okay, so i have kind of accepted that i'll be single forever xD

Why you may ask? i dont think no one wants me and let me tell you why.
you think i'll be single forever too, who knows? :D
But the thing is every guy i've been talking too have been fading away, and its not like they always text or something like that.

Okay so i would say im a good looking person if i'll be honest, i got really long brown hair, blue eyes, nice body, 5'4, 110 pounds, so i think no one would be disgusted by dating me lol (hopefully)

But i think my personality messes everything up, im a very kind person, i always give and dont care about taking, i look for someone's personality, not wallet. I can easily make people laugh and if someone's explaining me they always say i am really funny. Im a really happy person and i always try to make people happy. I laugh a lot and listen to people. im also a gamer if that matters lol.

Now the ''bad stuff''?
I dont wanna make anyone sad, which can make me dodge the truth which fucks things up at the end. For an example if someone asks me to do something i come up with an excuse or say yes because i'd feel bad if i said no, but later dont do it :(. I got a really dude-humor, which is a turn off? And im also pretty hard to get, i dont act like it i am, like i am, i can be really flirty, but i mostly answer to flirty things like ''oh ;) im not sure about that tho lol'' (but complimets means everything and i dont answer tho them like that)

I dont know, tell me how horrible you think i sound lol, or good, who knows? :)
Do I sound like a bad person?
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