Can texting really be that hard?

I have this girl i like and she invited me to go sit with her but i got nervous and well we didn't have such a good convo lol... umm i texted her the other day but no response asking if she was going to class even though it was optional and no response... I think it being finals week has to do with it , but could be the boring interaction.. could i open up texting "I have the darkest sense of humor 😂😂😅." ... or should i just call her and ask if she want to hang out... i got her number by telling her if she wanted to hang out and draw or something together with her friend. ps i also gave her friend my number but her friend never texted me... I've just been texting the girl i like.. ps been 5 days since last texted her.
wait a couple days and call her
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text her opening and tell her crazy/ funny thing that happned to me during finals and maybe call her later.
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other... elaborate
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text her other
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Can texting really be that hard?
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