Stoorytimeee - Your worst Date?

PS: to the people who never had a Date, what would be really worst at a Date for you?

It was two years ago and this guy was really weird, we texted and I had a feeling he isn't Interested (I was right) and always when I stopped texting him, he out of nowhere texted me and started a conversation and I thought oh well maybe I was wrong, anyway yeah was weird and confusing.

We met and it was normal, he kept it really superficial, we kind of had the same talk like the day we met just with more details and I tried to go more into private topics but yeah he just talked about his job.
After a half an hour he had to go and I was so weirded out, the whole thing made me feel so bad about myself and I was so confused and I did a mistake and apologized for my behavior what was so wrong and still today I wish I could disappear into the ground and just delete this one thing from the past!! It was so stupid to do! I felt even more bad. It was just really awful.
He tho wanted to met again, I said no

I'm glad it didn't worked out haha
It was the most awful date I ever had
Stoorytimeee - Your worst Date?
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