Does he like me?

There is this guy I go to school with, and we have a mutual friend. Lately he's been saying hi to me in person. We follow eachother on instagram, and he dmed me on Thursday. We've been talking ever since. On Saturday, he asked me if I'm doing anything today, I said no you?, he said same, I said you should do something then, he said I'm getting the suck this weekend. I said I'm not gonna give it to you that fast and he said woah woah woah chill (his friend said that when he does that he wants you to keep going). Out of no where he sent me a girls ass and said me gusta. I said I like mine better he said I haven't see yours like that. I said that sucks for you and he said true. There was a point where he begged me to send him ass pictures (I didn't) and he would send me hearts and call me b. He told me he was hard one time and I told him to jerk off but he said to what (I'm guessing he wanted pictures). I posted dms between me and some guy who kept trying to get at me and he commented 'ehhhhh k'. Then he randomly asked me if I liked any one and I said maybe and he said maybe too. There was a point where I think he knew we were talking about eachother. He would ask me things like 'would you fuck him' or 'has he eaten you out'. In person today he said hi and tried to high five me and hold my hand. But later on we haven't said anything to eachother. He also wanted me to call him daddy. And everytime I said smh he would say smd*. When I told him I'm grounded he said 'nooooooo damnnnnn'. he hasn't told his friend that we've been dming. He would leave his friend on seen and keep replying to me. And he was playing a video games and talking to me at the same time.
Does he like me?
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