What kind of effect does no-contact rule have over guys?

I have dated a guy for about 6 months. Into 4th month, I made this exclusivity talk, but he was not sure, so I decided to give him time and space while still casually going on dates, hanging out etc. Since we didn't commit, i didn't care he was using dating apps as it is none of my business what he is doing when he is not with me. But last three times when he was with me, for example, when i prepare breakfast, or dry my hair before going out, or brush my teeth he took his phone out to check bumble and text bumble. i acted like i didn't see for the first 5 times, 6th time i decided to voice my concern over him being disrespectful next to me. so i said "dont let her wait, please text your bumble date" and he acted like he didn't understand what i meant. I am fine about what he is doing when he is not with me as we are still not committed but next to me doing this got me mad.

so i decided that i deserve more and better, a guy who knows what he wants, and i dont wanna waste my time over someone who can't be sure if he wants me seriously or not, and who respects me no matter what. I am going on 30 day no contact rule to see what happens. or at least to get over him if he doesn't care.

It's been 15 days we haven't contacted with each other. before, we only talked 2-3 times over text very short to arrange dates. we never texted like crazy even in the beginning as we both are pretty busy with work etc. also, we had this kind of no contact before and he contacted me after 3 weeks to check up on me and took me out to date, or i contacted after 2 weeks to ask what's going on with him. This time i won't be contacting.

I am wondering what happens in male mind when a woman stop contacting them. Do you forget or do you wonder what's going on? or do you notice you miss the person?
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What kind of effect does no-contact rule have over guys?
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