Do you think our relationship will go anywhere?

I have been talking to this guy for nearly 4 months who I met online. We are from different states, would be a 10 hour drive there. Originally, I was only talking with him for something to do, casual flirting here and there, nothing serious. He seemed genuinely interested in me so I added him on another app that I used more frequently. From there we have been talking every single day, he even messages me when his studying or he shows me different things throughout his day. We get along really well and he even told me himself that between us there's a connection and we have chemistry. We have the same sense of humour, interests, we get each other.

However, it hasn't move from there. I assume he lacks dating knowledge or doesn't know how to move things on as I was the one who originally progressed things forward. I think he does like me, otherwise we wouldn't be talking everyday. So my question is, where should things go from here?
Do you think our relationship will go anywhere?
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