How to stop feelings for someone from growing? How do you numb the feelings before they get stronger?

As a shy girl I'm pretty reserved when it comes to dating. Unfortunately, one thing about this is that when I fall for someone (which isn't very often) I fall hard and it takes me a quite a long time to get over unrequited love (probably too long, I'll admit.) Recently, I've found that I've started developing feelings for a guy at my job. I'm trying to fight it, because I know it would practically be asking for trouble since he's my manager. Secondly, he's somewhat older than me so I wouldn't be surprised if he's married. Knowing myself, I don't want to get too close to him because it would only make me more attached. I keep our contact minimal, casual and only job related. He doesn't know I like him. I don't want my feelings getting in the way of my focus at work... sometimes when he pops in randomly I can get really nervous. I'm in a position now where I don't have to see him often unless it's at a meeting, but I do worry sometimes knowing that eventually we'll see each other every now and then. Other than that, our communication now is just texts and calls for work related stuff. I've really thought about this and have acknowledged my feelings, that they must be worked through... but it's becoming unbearable. It sucks loving someone whom you know you'll never be with. I just don't want to feel for him anymore. Realistically, there's no chance with this guy, our personalities are very different and I know he's only being nice/friendly to me because he's like that with everyone in the workplace. That aside, I hate feeling like this... I really want to move on so I can open up to other options in the dating world.

Anyone else ever been in this kind of situation? how would you suggest to move forward and stop feelings from further developing for someone, especially when the workplace kinda forces you to interact with them?
How to stop feelings for someone from growing? How do you numb the feelings before they get stronger?
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