Do Good Girls Exist?

Girls who understand Guys can't be tough and strong all the time, girls who can listen and won't judge a guy for being a bit emotional.

Girls who don't play games, and are honest and straight forward.

Girls who understand guys don't have life figured out yet and it's a life long journey.

Girls who won't cheat and will be loyal?


All the girls I meet are usually self centered, they love attention, play mind games, talk to multiple guys even if they have a boyfriends, are really naive and don't know/understand basic things, are very snobby, judgy and gossip a lot...

If not that, the other kind I meet are insanely shy and do not know how to communicate with a boy/too scared to date.

I feel like there are no "good girls" out there, I've been burned and hurt one too many times 😢
Do Good Girls Exist?
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