Does this mean we're a possibility?

Okay so I told my crush and also best friend that I was into him (his name is Dylan). I told him by writing it on a note cause I really like him and I struggle to verbalise things when it has some strong emotion connected to it. I gave it to him at the beginning of 3rd period at school today and I went to my class. We talked at lunch and he said that he was unsure of how he felt towards me, he never said yes or no, he said maybe. He said we'll stay friends and see what happens from then on. He also said he'd keep the note, it would sort of like a memento as no one has told him they were into him (I'm the first girl to tell him) and he said he wouldn't show it to anyone. Does keeping the note possibly mean that he's still thinking about it and is actually considering dating me or does it only have a memento meaning, like just to remember that a girl likes him but he doesn't wanna date (if u get what I mean...)
Does this mean we're a possibility?
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