Our relationship has changed. Is he losing interest?

We've been dating for 2 months. The first month and a half were perfect and I felt secure and happy. Neither of us are seeing other people, and we've planned a weekend away in 2 weeks. He's told me that there's been troubles on his mind the last 2 weeks and we've talked about it (work stuff, sorting out the house he bought with his ex) etc. Anyway, I can't put my finger on it but there's been a shift. I don't know if he's just getting comfortable and this is the real him, but I don't feel myself around him. I feel a bit nervous. He still calls everyday, but he's usually eating something on the phone and sounds tired. He was never much of a romantic, but he used to say he missed me and looked forward to seeing me again. That's stopped. He's still affectionate, but the last few times I've stayed at his, he's gotten out of bed some mornings and not come back. I usually get up and find him making a coffee for me in the kitchen.
The biggest indicator was when we said goodbye 4 days ago, and so far there's not been any mention of when we're seeing each other next and it's making me feel a bit on edge. I've sort of initiated the last few times to do things, so I wanted to see if he'd reciprocate. Again, nothing. So, I caved and asked if he fancied doing something on Saturday. He simply said "yeh sure" and I don't know if I'm being silly, but there doesn't seem to be much enthusiasm. I want us to go out and do things, but I want him to step up to the plate.
Interestingly, he said to me that his ex used to have a go at him whenever he was busy on weekends, and I remember an old Instagram post he put up last November (now deleted) where he admitted he took her for granted. Is this happening to me? If so, I don't want it to happen. He knows I'm a stickler for plans, and I'm not expecting him to be like me. But what happened to the guy at the beginning who seemed so keen? We're similar in the respect we like our own space, but there needs to be a balance.
Our relationship has changed. Is he losing interest?
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